Set a total walking distance. The distance is evenly distributed between the questions that are activated as the player moves. Players can go wherever they want, as long as the default distance is covered.


Place stations on a map and link them to questions. Players choose their own route between the stations. The questions are activated when players come near the respective station.


Use QR codes as physical quiz stations. Players scan the respective code to bring up a question on the screen. The questions can be answered regardless of order.

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Business & Organizational

Quiz walks for team building, health competitions, in-service training, information dissemination and surveys
Three colleagues playing a mobile game together

Team Building & Health

  • Compete with colleagues in quiz walks as a health-promoting activity.
  • Activate sedentary employees in an entertaining way.
  • Include people remotely who are unable to participate on the spot.
Person answering a survey

Feedback Collection

  • Collect feedback through walking surveys using phones.
  • Evaluate decisions and ventures at workplace meetings.
  • Invite the public to walking questionnaires with anonymous participation.
Person welcoming and informing visitors

Information & In-Service Training

  • Introduce new employees, interns and partners through educational quizzes.
  • Check knowledge levels and train employees in security matters.
  • Tie lectures together, and summarize key points with a quiz walk.

School & Education

Tool for digital learning without sitting still - Create your own quizzes or choose from ready-made ones
Three kids walking in the mountains

Elementary School / Middle School

  • Break sedentary lessons with knowledge-intensive walks outside.
  • Repeat, summarize or complement lesson content.
  • Let students choose from your quizzes, and activate home sitters remotely.
Girl with a smile on her face

High School

  • Test students' knowledge in various subjects with your own quizzes.
  • Motivate students through physical activity and elements of gamification.
  • Share content with other teachers through the official QuizBank.
Two persons looking at a phone

University & Adult Education

  • Complement traditional teaching with distance tools in the mobile phone.
  • Summarize or complement lectures with quiz walks.
  • Create motivating content in short time with little effort.

Museums & Exhibitions

Make exhibition objects interactive, arouse more interest, and increase visitors' level of knowledge in a fun way
Scanning QR code indoors to access app game

Gamify Stands & Installations

  • Digitize physical things - Connect exhibition objects to a quiz walk.
  • Let visitors scan a QR code next to any object to start the walk.
  • Visitors can put their knowledge to the test and learn about current themes.
Kids looking at an object at a museum

Engage Visitors With Increased Interaction

  • Attract more audiences with modern technology and reduce "walk by" behavior.
  • Add a dimension of competition with leaderboards and possible prizes.
  • Use "fun facts" to create memorable moments and word of mouth.
Visitors examining an art object

Added Value For Exhibitors and Visitors

  • Groups can prepare their visit by taking a quiz in advance.
  • Absent students can participate remotely with a distance-based game type.
  • Use quiz walks as a source of income - Sell access to certain quizzes.

Healthcare & Social Care

Activate patients and care recipients with fun and motivating outdoor quizzes on the mobile phone
Woman walking in snow with mobile game in pocket

Primary Health Care

  • Use ActiveQuiz as a tool for physical activity on prescription.
  • Use gamification as motivation to carry out walks.
  • Set distance-based goals and follow personal progress in the app.
Assistant laughing with care recipient

Persons with Functional Impairments

  • Entertain yourselves with educational and individually tailored quiz walks.
  • Create questions together, and invite relatives to play.
  • Adjust difficulty level and themes according to personal conditions and taste.
Woman and older lady having fun playing mobile app game

Personal Assistance

  • Activate care takers and care recipients with entertaining mobile quiz walks.
  • Play together and choose themes close to heart.
  • Learn about each other by creating personal questions.

Family & Friends

Entertaining quiz walks for your loved ones - Compete with or against each other in general knowledge, or create your own personal questions
Friends laughing at a party

Private Parties

  • Write your own personal quizzes for weddings and bachelor parties, etc.
  • Take a break in the middle of a get-together and engage people in a quiz walk.
  • Create laugh-filled questions about the party's attendees.
Family walking in snow playing mobile game


  • Challenge the family on a quiz walk based on a variety of themes from the QuizBank.
  • Participate in public competitions around holidays such as Christmas.
  • Create your own quirky questions with clues to hidden Easter eggs.
Kids playing app game in nature

For Kids

  • Treasure hunt - Set up a trail of QR code stations in the garden.
  • Invite several generations to participate in competitions at children's parties.
  • Graduation - Add photos and questions from fun events of the past year.

Associations & Sports

Engage members, visitors and relatives
Förening och sport

Create Commitment and Fun Memories

  • Inform about the association's activities and test the knowledge of visitors and relatives with entertaining quiz walks.
  • Use ActiveQuiz as a source of income by offering quizzes for payment, or resell packages for the buyer to create their own quizzes.
  • Enables people who cannot participate locally to participate through distance-based quiz walks.


Activate yourself - Both body and brain
Person answering quiz question

QuizWalker - Personal Development

  • Challenge friends to quiz duels - Set themes and distance, play together or in different places at different times.
  • Use wellness allowance via Epassi for continuous quiz walks - Activate questions on the mobile screen by walking.
  • Set your own activity-based goals in the app and try to achieve different levels such as "From Paris to Berlin", etc.

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